Claire's Club Pastel Bow Hair Ties - 10 Pack


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Stop losing those boring hair ties, and start hopping into Spring with these Claire's Club pastel bow hair elastics. This 10 pack consists of timeless & classic pastel colors, such as: pink, teal, purple, and yellow. Tie up your hair or create Wendy's-esque pigtails with a pair of colors, or mix-and-match if you're feelin' colorful! Throw a color of each in backpacks, purses, gym bags, and always have the option to tie your hair up. Slingshot the boring black hair ties outta here, and get your hands on this fun pack! Hair Ties by Claire's Club Pack Size: 10 Elastic Stretch Material: Elastic Cord Suitable for ages 3+ - Claire's Club Pastel Bow Hair Ties - 10 Pack